The life is too short to lose a lot time without laughing^^
So, I'm Mercedes and I'm 15, I live in Hungary (haha, i bet you never heard ’bout it). I really like funny posts, but I love beautiful pictures too...I like random shits. For example Dexter,Glee, Family Guy, Cleveland Show, VD. I love music…I prefer…aahh Skrillex, R3hab, Tommy Trash, Avicii,Axwell, but I like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Wayne, B.o.B etc. I love my friends too, they’re my life (+Tumblr.:D). I like get to know new people or just sit and laughing at them : )) If you follow me, you’ll get free HUGS! ♥(100% following back)




I can’t

Always reblog

I don’t even

This is what makes Tumblr the way it is. 

I love you guys


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